Raccoons alone carry such things as roundworm, leptospirosis, listeriosis, yersiniosis, pasteurellosis, tularemia, listeriosis, yersiniosis, pasteurellosis, tularemia, and toxoplasmosis.  Let’s consider just one of these to illustrate the potential harm these animals can do if left untreated. 
raccoons carry a host of dangerous diseases like rabies
Raccoons shed millions of roundworm eggs in their feces.  The eggs are extremely resilient and can survive for years.  That raccoon that is in your attic now poses a potentially fatal risk.  If it or another animal rips a small hole in your ductwork you can easily be breathing in a host of diseases and bacteria left in the raccoon’s feces

After we remove the animals from the attic our professional wildlife trappers can determine whether action is needed to remove all the waste left behind.  If needed, we can do a complete attic restoration to return your attic to the safe and clean state it was before the animal got in and wreaked havoc.  Fortunately, this is almost always covered under your home owner insurance

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