Nuisance Wildlife Removal is dedicated to the protection and preservation of Florida’s wildlife, but not at the risk your family’s health and safety. When wildlife encroaches into human habitats, they can bring with them horrible diseases that can effect the health of you, your pets and your loved ones.

When encroachment by bats, raccoons or opossums occurs in your attic, we will gladly trap the animals and remove them. We are licensed wildlife trappers, and will do it efficiently and effectively.

We will also offer to repair any damage done by the animals, or clean up any filth left behind by the upstairs intruders. In most cases, the cost of this service is covered under your home owner’s insurance. We’ll even deal with the insurance company for you.

In this situation, the trapping charge is waived. The trapping is FREE.

*This offer is only for first time clients, and only applies to trapping of raccoons, bats or opossums from your attic. You MUST mention this website to get free trapping.
This offer is not retro-active.

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