Attic Restoration

raccoon-poopWhether the animals in your attic were bats, raccoons or opossums, we cannot stress enough, the importance of your getting your attic cleaned out as soon as possible. Each of these animals will leave fleas and ticks living in your attic, as well as a lot of fecal matter. As this all dries out it will turn to dust and become airborne, making your attic a bacterial no man’s land. If there is any flaw in your air conditioning duct work, it will be pumped through your house for you and your family, friends and pets to breathe.

hazmat-atticNuisance Wildlife Removal has the right equipment, the knowlege and experience to correct this hazard in the safest possible way. Some companies will simply blow more insulation in on top, to cover the contaminated surface and make it look new. What we do is bag  and remove all contaminants, then completely remove all the contaminated insulation.  We then spray every surface with a bio-enzyme to in effect, sanitize your attic. Only then, will we place new insulation back into your attic.

This whole process will usually only take a day, and is normally covered by your home owner’s insurance.


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